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Our Mission

The Norris McCreary Center is a 1 year recovery center. Which consist of 9 months of residential living and 3 months nonresidential. We offer a clean and sober living environment. Here at NMC it is our goal to offer individualized supportive, and compassionate care to men suffering from addiction. Our motto "Helping you help you" is something that our staff strives to do for each of our clients. We work to isolate the underlining issues that lead to addiction to help heal them mentally, spiritually, and physically, by offering biblical tools of grace and mercy.

Norris McCreary Center believes that any and everybody can achieve long term sobriety and recovery as shown proof with some of our staff members. We walk along side our clients with our core values. You don't have to walk this journey alone, enroll at The Norris McCreary Center. Allow us to start "Helping You Help You" to break the cycle of addiction.

Admission and Fees

$400.00 intake fee

$125.00 a week rent fee

$25.00 drug test


Meet Our Staff


Jeff Pate


Leslie Pate


Andrew Bhatnagar


Nathan Castro


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